About Us

An all encompassing love for vintage vehicles and a background of historic motor vehicle racing, rallies and general pottering around the countryside led to this grand adventure.

Whilst preparing for a wedding fair with our sister business Cupcake-Cupcake, the suggestion popped up:- "Why don't you take the old Bentley and see if anyone is interested in having it as a wedding car"..... this proved popular and so "Dolly", our 1938 Daimler was purchased. She was in a shocking state mechanically, and time was spent getting her back into form. Our first trip to a wedding fair in Dolly resulted in much interest and bookings for the season.... and that, as they say, is history.

Angela Martin, the business owner, is also the Chauffeuse, and is extremely happy to assist in ensuring that your special day is made more special by a journey in one of these stunning vehicles.

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